Having a strong online presence is super important if you want to succeed. The tool you use to set up your website can really make a big difference in how well it works, how easy it is to use, and how easy it is to manage.

So, which tool should you use to build your website? The best choice hands down is self-hosted WordPress. Even though there are lots of other options out there, WordPress is still the king, running more than 40% of all websites worldwide. Here’s why going with self-hosted WordPress is the way to go.

Unmatched Flexibility

One of the standout features of WordPress is its unparalleled flexibility. This platform allows users to tailor every aspect of their site, ensuring a unique and personalized online presence.

  • Customize Your Design: Access to thousands of themes means your site can look precisely how you want it, whether that’s sleek and professional or colorful and creative.
  • Extend Functionality: With a lot of plugins available, adding new features to your site is as easy as installing an app on your phone. From SEO tools to social media integration, there’s a plugin for almost everything.

Ease of Use

Despite its powerful capabilities, WordPress is designed to be user-friendly, making website management accessible to everyone, regardless of technical skill level.

  • Intuitive Interface: The dashboard and editor are straightforward, making it simple to add content, update your site, and customize your layout.
  • Community Support: With a vast community of users and developers, finding tutorials, forums, and guides to help you navigate WordPress is easy.

Total Ownership and Control

With self-hosted WordPress, you’re in the driver’s seat. This means complete control over your website, from the data to the design.

  • No Platform Restrictions: You’re not tied to the limitations or rules of a hosted platform. Your site, your rules.
  • Monetization Freedom: Choose how you want to make money from your site without platform-imposed restrictions on ads or sales.


Being visible on search engines is vital, and WordPress has built-in features and tools to help you achieve just that.

  • SEO-Ready Framework: The platform is designed with SEO best practices in mind, offering clean code and fast loading times.
  • SEO Plugins: Enhance your site’s SEO with plugins that help you optimize content, meta tags, and more for better search engine visibility.

A Vast Community and Resources

The strength of WordPress also lies in its community, providing users with an extensive support system.

  • Expert Help: Access to a global network of WordPress developers and enthusiasts means you can find support, hire help, or collaborate with others easily.
  • Learning Resources: Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced user, there’s no shortage of tutorials, videos, and forums to help you learn and solve problems.


WordPress is designed to grow with you, making it perfect for websites of all sizes and ambitions.


Starting and maintaining a website can be expensive, but WordPress offers a financially viable solution without compromising on quality.

  • Free Core Software: WordPress itself is free to use; you only pay for hosting and any premium themes or plugins you choose.
  • Wide Range of Hosting Options: From budget-friendly shared hosting to advanced dedicated servers, there’s a hosting solution to fit every budget.

Robust Security Features

In an era where cyber threats loom large, WordPress places a strong emphasis on security, providing users with robust tools and features to protect their sites.

  • Regular Updates: WordPress regularly releases updates that include security patches to protect against vulnerabilities.
  • Security Plugins: A wide range of security plugins offers additional layers of protection, from firewall configurations to malware scanning and removal.

Multilingual and Multi-site Support

Reaching a global audience or managing multiple sites from a single dashboard is effortlessly achievable with WordPress.

  • Easy Translation: WordPress supports multilingual websites directly or through plugins, making it easy to reach audiences in different languages.
  • Multi-site Management: With WordPress, you can run multiple websites from a single WordPress installation, simplifying the management of multiple sites.

Custom Content Types and Taxonomies

WordPress’s flexibility extends to how you manage and display content, allowing for custom post types and taxonomies that cater to the specific needs of your website.

  • Custom Post Types: Beyond posts and pages, you can create custom post types for products, testimonials, portfolio projects, and more, making it easy to organize and display content relevant to your site.
  • Custom Taxonomies: Organize your content with custom categories and tags tailored to your content, improving site navigation and user experience.

In summary, WordPress (self-hosted) offers an unbeatable combination of flexibility, ease of use, and control, making it the ideal platform for building most websites. Whether you’re launching a personal blog, a business site, or an online store, WordPress provides the tools and community support to ensure your success. Start exploring WordPress today and discover the endless possibilities it offers for your online presence.

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